2021 global mineral enterprises 40, iron ore giants, the top four

Recently, Priceway released \”Mine 2021\”. According to the report, in the context of new crown pneumonia epidemic, the mining industry has become one of the industries of a few rises with excellent financial and operational status. The report believes that 2020 is a landmark of the mining industry, compared to 2019: net profit in the mining industry has increased by 15%, and the cash flow in the mining company has increased by 40%, and the market value has increased by nearly two-thirds. Report is expected that the situation will become better for the world’s largest mining company. Puhua Yongdao’s prediction in 2021 shows that the top 40 mining companies’ income and EBITDA (interest tax old amortization profit) will reach the highest record in the past 18 years, and net profit will also reach the second high record . In addition, the report ranked in accordance with the year-end market value of each mining company, listing the 40 list of global mining companies. The iron ore giant will continue to maintain the first two in the list, and the Dadui River Valley is ranked third, while another iron ore giant Forthill Metallic Group rises by six to fourth. China’s mineral enterprises has a stable performance, and there are 8 companies in the list. Shenhua’s energy is ranked fifth, and the purple gold mining is followed (12). In addition, Luoyang Molybdenum Industry (15), Shandong Gold (19), Shaanxi Coal Industry (20), Jiangxi Copper (36), Tianqi Lithium Industry (37), China Coal Energy (40) also enters the list. 01 Mining Company Profit Innocent New Gao Pu Huayong Road Research shows that the top 40 mining companies in the world are expected to report records and profits in the 2021 record, as well as the second high net profit in 18 years. The price of mineral products has risen to the market value of 40 mining giants to rise to $ 1.46 trillion, an increase of 64% compared with the income of trade, an increase of 20 billion US dollars, an increase of 4%. Copper is a maximum of mineral products that brought 40 billion US dollars in 40 mine companies. It is expected to rise 40% from 2020 in 2020. This is largely due to the market steering from the global low carbonization process, resulting in climbing. Based on the prediction of production and commodity prices, Puhua Yongdao expects the total number of 40 mineral enterprises in this year to increase 29%, reaching $ 700 billion. Profit margin before the old-term amortization of interest is expected to increase by 40%, reaching $ 243 billion, net profit will increase by 68% to 118 billion US dollars. This may bring more dividends to investors. Earlier this year, the mining giants such as Bible, Rio Tintui, and Fortisqi metallic, have reported the highest-end dividend, and the price of iron ore is lower than the current level. 02 Tax policy is still the main challenge of mineral enterprises, Popula, Popula, said that tax policy is still the main challenge of mining and metal companies, 39% of mining company CEO is very worried about the uncertainty of tax policy This ratio is twice as much as last year, and these CEOs are more concerned about the changes in tax policies than their global counterparts. In 2020, only 30% of 40 mining giants received tax transparency reports. \”Although the mineThe industry is worried about the uncertainty of tax policies, but it is obvious that there is not much company to take more measures. With the increase in disclosure and the major value obtained in the process, the mining enterprises can use the tax transparency as the core elements of ESG strategy. Tax-centric discussion, mining companies are essentially allowing other people to tell their own stories, but usually this is not accurate. They missed opportunities to explain how their tax is helping local communities, and there are many cases It is the biggest contribution of mining companies in ESG. The intensive mining company with higher rating is better than that of the market average, \”Mine 2021\” determines ESG as the best choice for growth. Over the past 3 years, ESG rating is higher The return rate of the enterprise shareholder is 34%, and the total market indicator is 10% higher. \”In the challenging economic environment, the top 40 mine companies in the world have achieved rapid growth, which will lead to a question: how they will Processing free cash flowing close to record? There is a rare opportunity to make an important and bold change for the future, and it will benefit from it. Out of the right choice, not to please shareholders, for companies that integrate ESG into the core business strategy, increase the opportunity to create value for a long time, such as obtaining capital more convenient, and can seize the low-carbon product opportunities that have never been seen before \”ESG is not something that can be reset and forgotten. It needs to be the core of daily operations, which requires regular settings, transparently reporting progress, and continuously improve the method, \”Dedel said .04 digital and automation will reshape the future 40 mining companies to better deal with The new crown epidemic, but the new variant virus makes the epidemic constantly emerge, and many measures taken to control the spread of the epidemic are still being implemented. Mining companies are increasingly promoting flexible and remote work arrangements, which will become new normal. Current work The decision of the location policy, including the role of digitization and automation, will reshaping the future of the mining industry. The challenge of new crown epidemics, the new normal and environmental sustainability of the uncertainty of the infection rate in the world, causing a turmoil pattern, It has brought real transformation opportunities for the mining industry. With its excellent financial situation, the top 40 mining companies have occupied more favorable status than most companies in other fields, can be developed towards the long-term value and growth .05 large mining companies or will develop small deposits, large miners should consider developing smaller deposits to fully meet the demand for mineral products that grow during the cleaning energy transition. Previously, large mining companies have always been looking for larger scale. Low cost, long-lasting deposit, for example, Bibles that must be in Western Australia’s iron ore business has been run for more than half a century. However, Prica Yong Road said in the report that with the grid decarburization and electric vehicle to nickel, cobalt, Demand for battery raw materials such as lithium and copperAsk, global energy transformation creates new opportunities.Ben Del said that the performance of battery-related minerals in geology is not necessarily decades, which may mean that top-level miners need to re-adjust their investment standards.According to the report, the ratio of battery-related minerals in 2020 40 mining companies is less than 3%, but many opportunities for mining companies can increase their share, including by mergers.In addition, some mining companies may also enter the field of processing.(Mining industry)