BMW 325i – Bmw’s latest offering in BMW’s M line, with all-wheel drive and a manual gearbox – review

BMW’s new M line has finally made its way to the UK, but the M6 is currently in the process of making the transition to the M range.

The M6, launched in October last year, is the BMW brand’s flagship, and it offers all the standard features found in its M range, including a new 7-speed manual gearshift, an all-new suspension system with revised dampers and a new front and rear axle layout.

With a price tag of £31,495, the BMW M6 offers the best of both worlds, with a new chassis and engine, with an optional M6 Drivetrain Pack to get you started.

Bent, lightweight and powerful, the M5, BMW M4 and M3 all share the same styling, so the BMW 325I has been an easy choice for many.

However, the new M6 does have some of the most powerful powertrain ever to be offered in a BMW M car, boasting an output of 676bhp (500bhp for the M3), while the M7 and M8 get a further 560bhp and 640bhp respectively.

In the end, the most compelling feature of the BMW 320i is the drivetrain, with the M2 engine powering the rear wheels and the M1 in the front, while the 3-Series diesel and 6-Series petrol engines power the front wheels.

This all-electric M range is expected to be a major departure from BMW’s previous range, with its electric M6 range being a direct replacement for the old M range and the 320i being a clear upgrade.

BMW also has another petrol-powered M6 in the works, which is expected later this year, but this M6 will offer an electric range that will be significantly higher than the BMW 310i.

As well as the new range, BMW has also unveiled a new version of its M brand for the UK.

The M6 UK, which will be unveiled in March next year, will be called the M8, with more powerful engines and a range of new standard features such as adaptive cruise control, power-adjustable front suspension and rear air suspension.

Like the BMW 330i, the £31k BMW M8 will offer a range that is the equivalent of an M3, but with a different name.

For those interested, you can read our BMW M M8 review to see how the M9 compares with the BMW 328i and the BMW 335i.

The new BMW M range will be available from April 2018, with pricing starting at £34,995.

You can also read our M6 and M6E ratings to see whether the BMW 360i is a worthy successor to the BMW 340i.

For more information on the BMW 7 Series, please check out our BMW 7 series overview.

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