BMW’s BMW Connect Drive: $15,000 on the road?

The 2018 BMW Connect drive has the makings of a good budget, but with $15K for fuel and $15k for maintenance, it would be a hard sell for many.

A similar price could be had with a similar performance package.

BMW Connect comes with two motors, one for the driver, and a second for the front-seat passenger.

The first motor is rated at 80hp, and the second motor is said to have the capability to produce 160hp.

The front-drive drivetrain is capable of delivering about 100 miles per gallon, and can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in 4.5 seconds.

The Connect has been in production for nearly a decade now, but it’s not the only plug-in electric vehicle available in the U.S.

The new BMW Connect is equipped with a new design and has a range of roughly 140 miles, but the price tag is more than $20,000.

For the driver’s convenience, the Connect comes equipped with two power steering wheels, and two seats with seats that sit behind the driver.

The rear seats are removable.

The top-of-the-line BMW Connect gets all-wheel drive, with a range in excess of 180 miles.

The two motors have been designed with a torque of 600Nm (400kW), and they are rated at up to 180Nm.

A BMW Connect with a 1,100cc gasoline engine is also available, with the capacity rated at about 140hp.

While the new Connect is only available with the standard powertrain, BMW says that the company has been able to improve the performance of the two motors and offer a new engine that delivers up to 80hp.

With a range like that, it’s no wonder that the new BMW Drive is a very popular plug-ins, but even more so for those who are looking to buy the new model.

The new BMW drive is equipped to offer both the driver and front seat passenger a comfortable ride and, if you opt for a slightly more luxurious package, you can even get the driver a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a heated steering wheel and even a heated passenger seat.

This is a luxury that few other plug-up electric vehicles can match, and BMW is trying to capture that attention.

With the Connect Drive, the BMW brand has made a splash in the plug-innovation space, and with a price tag of $15500, it might be worth checking out for the next time you want to get out and about.

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