BMW M Series: The new generation with all-new technology

BMW has launched the BMW M series, a premium sedan in which it promises the best of luxury and technology, while offering a host of features including the BMW ConnectedDrive system and BMW-exclusive connectivity features.

The BMW M-Class will be available in two variants: the 1 Series (a base model) and the 2 Series (an upgraded version).

Both models come with a host, including a 3-liter twin-turbocharged engine, a six-speed automatic transmission, an active carbon fibre front fascia, carbon fibre rear fenders and aluminium wheels.

They also come with the BMW Active Driving System, which integrates a remote-controlled BMW smartphone app into the steering wheel and a six‑inch touchscreen infotainment screen.

While the base BMW M is the best-selling sedan in the world, it is also one of the most expensive in the segment, at around $80,000.

The new BMW M models offer the best combination of technology and luxury, offering features that make it a top performer in the class.

First and foremost, the new BMWs M Series is equipped with the all-wheel drive system that is only offered in the BMW 1 Series, BMW 2 Series and BMW 3 Series.

The BMW M will be able to go from 0-60mph in 2.6 seconds, which is fast enough to go past most people in the car.

However, the BMWs engineers say this is still just the tip of the iceberg.

BMWs team at BMW AG also created the new system to support its Active Driving system, which allows the driver to use his phone to take control of the car, or control the engine and transmission from afar.

The system is able to provide the driver with a range of different driving modes, including highway, city and city hybrid modes.

The car also features a wide array of adaptive cruise control, which will allow the driver, for example, to brake early in order to save fuel.

Another feature that is expected to be an added bonus is the BMW Passport, which features the company’s first autonomous driving technology in a passenger car.

This technology can provide a driver with real-time information about road conditions, including lane markings and traffic signals, and it also has the ability to automatically adjust the speed and angle of the vehicle.

The Passport also features the BMW Vision Active Driving mode, which offers the driver access to various digital maps and traffic information.

The M Series will be offered in five trim levels, which are available in all models, starting from the base model with the 3 Series with a base price of $75,400.

In addition to the M models, BMW will offer the M Series with the M3, M5 and M6, which can be had with an optional BMW Premium Package.

The premium M models are available from the end of next year.BMW has also confirmed that it will launch a new premium sedan, the M7, which should be available from 2021.

It will come in three levels, from the M1 with a starting price of around $90,000, to the latest M3 with a price of just under $100,000 for the base M3 and $120,000 with the Premium M5, which retails for around $150,000 in Europe.

BMW says the M5 will offer “the best value” for the premium sedan segment.

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