How to Buy a Used BMW Z4 2015 for $2,800

BMW says it’s about to start making a lot more Z4s in the U.S. as it continues to invest in the electric vehicle market.BMW’s first Z4, which was announced back in October, was only the third vehicle it had produced in the last four years, and the first in the automaker’s brand-new line of premium electric vehicles.

That’s not surprising given BMW’s new-generation Z3 and Z4 models, which have been available in the US since October.

But the Z4 has a few key differences from the Z3, Z4I and Z5, which it was based on for nearly two decades.

That means it will get more power and torque and better safety features.

For starters, it’s the first BMW vehicle with a seven-speed automatic transmission and has the first electric power steering system on a mainstream luxury sedan.

It also offers a larger battery pack, which BMW says will add up to more than 4,000 miles of range.

The Z4 comes with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, with a top speed of 148 mph (242 km/h) and the lowest fuel economy of 2.9 mpg.

It also has a rear-wheel-drive configuration that’s good for 30 mpg on the highway, according to BMW.BMWs new electric-powered model has a seven speed manual transmission, but the new four-speed auto is the top-of-the-line optionBMW will start producing the Z5 and Z6 models this fall, and it will also sell a range of other electric and hybrid models, such as the Z2, Z3X, and Z3i, the company said.

That could include the Z1, Z2 and Z2i.

But for now, the Z7 will get the plug-in hybrid moniker.

The Z7i is expected to hit showrooms later this year and will have a similar design to the Z6.

The company expects to have enough production capacity to sell the Z series by 2020.

BMW says its goal is to produce 300,000 Z cars a year.

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