How to choose the right 2018 BMW 328i – BMW of Australia

BMW Australia has unveiled the 2018 BMW 330i, its new range-topping model which takes the iconic BMW 330 series concept and delivers a whole new level of performance.

The new model, which BMW Australia says will be offered from 2018, comes with a host of performance upgrades to the range-leading 330i sedan.

The 2017 model was sold to coincide with the first half of 2018, and will continue to be offered until 2021.

It’s been a while since the first 330i model, the BMW 328, was launched in Australia.

That’s where the similarities end for the new BMW 330.

The first BMW 330 was released in March 2018, followed by the BMW 325i in May 2019.

Both of these models were powered by a 6-cylinder, 2.0-litre, 4-cylock four-cyloy engine.

But the 330i is the first BMW to come with a 6,400kg displacement engine, bringing the total power of the car to a whopping 8,400kW.

The power is shared with the front axle, which uses a 5-speed manual transmission and the rear axle uses a six-speed automatic.

The manual transmission uses the rear wheels.

The front and rear wheels are shared between the front and back axle.

It has a front and a rear differential and a gearbox with paddle shifters.

The brakes are dual-piston calipers.

The car comes with heated and ventilated front seats, heated and air-conditioned front seats with an optional heated steering wheel and a range of other amenities.

In terms of design, the 330 is similar to the 330e, with the same three-cylinders, same three doors, same body colour, same roof line and similar styling.

The 330i has a standard BMW 3-series platform and is powered by an 8-speed automatics, but can be configured with a six or eight-speed gearbox.

It also comes with optional technology packages including a dual-mode adaptive cruise control, the first of which can be used for manual or automatic operation.

The driver can adjust the rear wheel arches and the front suspension from the centre console.

The centre console is equipped with a 360° touch display and is accessed by pulling the steering wheel.

A dual-screen infotainment system can also be fitted to the centre screen, with an option for Apple CarPlay.

The driving position of the front seats and the driver’s seat can be adjusted from the rearview mirror.

The steering wheel can be tilted, with a four-way steering ratio and a six and eight-way ratios.

The BMW 330e and 330i are also available with a seven-speed transmission and a three-speed sequential gearbox, but this is a limited-time offer.

There are also a variety of interior options, including leather upholstery, heated seats, LED headlamps, heated door handles and an audio system.

It comes with the standard BMW warranty.

The only question remains whether the BMW 330 is the best of all worlds.

We don’t know for sure.

But we do know this: it’s the best sedan BMW Australia offers in 2018.

The full list of specifications: Bentley DB3, BMW 335i, Bentley Continental GT, BMW 328e, BMW 330, BMW 325, BMW 327i, BMW 340, BMW 360i, Daimler-Chrysler Daimerchands Diesels, Mercedes-Benz Benz, Nissan, Porsche, Audi, Volvo, and Toyota.

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