The BMW 335i is officially the best hatchback of 2009

It’s been a long time since the BMW 335 is seen in a mainstream context, and its not the only one.

The car is one of the more iconic models on the market today, but its never been a true hatchback.

The BMW is also one of BMW’s best-selling models, but for a while now, it has had a somewhat disappointing presence in the market.

For the past several years, it was simply not making enough money for its designers to keep churning out new models.

But that is changing.

With the new 335i sedan, BMW is looking to make a significant change to the design.

The company is hoping that the sedan will attract a new generation of buyers, one who will be able to appreciate the new design cues in the BMW and its siblings.

This is not the first time that BMW has attempted to do something like this.

In the past, the company has done it with the 335i, the 5 Series, and the i3.

The idea was that they could get a bit more “modern” in their styling, while keeping the same basic features that made those cars so appealing in the first place.

This time around, the team at BMW is hoping to make this change in a way that feels more contemporary, while still keeping the feel and style of the old-school BMW.

The 335i will be the first car that BMW will sell in the US in the next few years, but it will also be the only American car that is made in the company’s facilities in the Netherlands.

That is a big change for BMW, and it makes sense.

For years, the brand has struggled to produce enough of the cars it needs for its US operations.

For that reason, the US is one place where BMW has not made enough of its cars to fill its order books.

With a new model on the horizon, it will be even more important for BMW to find ways to get more of its vehicles into the hands of Americans.

The biggest change that the new model will bring to the table is that it will offer some major changes to the way BMW manufactures its products.

For decades, BMW has been one of America’s largest car manufacturers, but over the years, BMWs production has shrunk.

That has been particularly true for the 335is, which have traditionally been a bit of a luxury car in comparison.

That’s changed, however, and now BMW has plans to shift a lot of its production from the US to Europe.

As part of this shift, BMW will begin selling a range of models in Europe that will be produced entirely in-house.

The move will allow the company to focus on its US production and not worry too much about the US market.

It is expected that this shift will help BMW achieve its goal of making at least half of its products in Europe.

That shift will also open up BMW to competition from companies such as Ford and Toyota, which both are making their own cars in Europe, but the shift is expected to have some downsides.

BMW will have to compete with brands such as Mercedes, which are currently selling their own models in the UK.

But the biggest challenge for BMW will come from the likes of Audi and Porsche, which will also have to make changes to their respective models.

While BMW may be forced to make the shift to make room for new products in the United States, the move will make it easier for the company in the long run.

BMW has already had some success selling new products to customers in the past few years.

The automaker has sold more than 500,000 of its models in just the past six years, and many of those cars are now in very good condition.

This means that BMW can continue to make products that are as well-built as they are well-priced.

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