M5 to make new cars and SUVs in 2021

M5’s new SUVs will be the first in the brand’s new range of M5 cars.

Billionaire founder Sir Anthony Gray, who sold the brand to GM in 2021, said the company would build its new M5 in two factories in Australia and China, in the first such plant in the world.

Sir Anthony Gray: The M5 is an important brand for me in Australia.

M5 is the most powerful car we have ever produced, it is our most powerful, and the first time that we have had a whole generation of the cars in production, in a production line.

I am absolutely thrilled about the launch of this new model.

It is a car that is going to be a huge success in Australia, it will be a success in China and it will also be a great success for the M5 brand globally.

There will be more than a dozen new models in the range including the new M6, which will make its debut later this year.

The M5 will be available with the latest technology, including electric drive, with a range of over 700km (500 miles).

There are also new performance options for the vehicle, including adaptive cruise control and a rear wing.

“The M6 is a great addition to the M range, but we have also developed a range that is even more powerful,” Sir Anthony said.

All of the new models will be sold as standard, but some are being offered with options.

BMW has previously revealed that the M3 would also be introduced with an M5 range.

But the M6 will be introduced in 2021 as the company’s only car in the new range. 

The M3 was initially planned for 2021, but it has now been delayed to 2021-22, meaning that the new cars will be arriving in 2021-2022.

Last year the car was shown off at the Geneva Motor Show, with Sir Anthony stating it was “exciting” and “excitement to be driving it”.

But it has also been plagued by delays, with an electric version recently revealed.

In 2018, it was revealed that a new version of the car would have an M6 range of around 600km, but that was later scrapped.

With the new lineup of cars and their potential, there will be an announcement at the 2018 Frankfurt Motor Show on Tuesday.

More:The new range will also include a range extender, which is a plug-in hybrid system that offers more range for a given price than the conventional hybrid.

And it will have a new front suspension, which can be adjusted in the rear for a higher ride height.

For more, check out our full 2017 M5 news article.

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