‘Mitt Romney’s’ Auto Dealership Is Not a Big Deal: A Look at the New BMW M5, BMW M6, and BMW M7

By now, you’ve probably seen the pictures of the new BMW M 5, BMW G 310r, BMW E30, and the BMW M3.

The car is not only a huge deal, it’s a very big deal.

It’s a 528 i convertible, a 518i coupe, and a 618i convertible.

If you’re wondering why the M5 is still a premium sedan, it probably has something to do with the fact that BMW built all of those cars in the same assembly line.

Mitt’s BMWs, however, are built entirely in America, and its the first premium SUV BMW has built in more than a decade.

I was lucky enough to take a few photos of the newly launched BMW M Series 528 in Detroit and its owner, Bob Lue, was happy to tell me more.

“It’s been quite a bit of work,” Lue told me.

A look inside a BMW M series 528.

Lue had spent the last year making the M series convertible.

The first one he made, the BMW 3 Series, was a limited run of 400, and he only made around 5,000.

The M5 will be the first BMW M to get an extended production run.

But BMW has a history of making premium vehicles in China.

Lue was one of the first to build the M Series, and has since been busy building other M series models.

He says he started his M series operation in 2004 with a few models in the United States, and it has grown since then.

For starters, he says he’s built around 600 BMWs in the U.S. and has around 100 in China, which is why he is so happy to have the M6.

His first M5 was built back in 2002 and was a bit like a baby in terms of parts.

But Lue says the M7 is different.

“[The M5] had the same amount of parts, so we made the car the same way,” Luce said.

[The M7] had more parts and we made it like a car.

“”The M Series is a very well-balanced car.

It is the same car, but it has a little bit more body and more horsepower.

“Lue’s car is currently listed for $72,995 and it will hit dealerships in September.

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