What happens if a Mercedes wins the FIA World Endurance Championship?

The world’s fastest cars are racing in the FIA WEC and the title will be decided by a contested final in a one-two sprint, with both teams fighting for their lives.

It could be a great race, with Ferrari leading the way and Mercedes in the hunt.

Here is everything you need to know about the final, which takes place on Sunday.

What’s on offer: The WEC has a total of 26 events this year, with the 12-hour race running from June 2-24.

The race, which sees drivers compete in the cars of six manufacturers and three constructors, is staged in the rain, with drivers needing to stay hydrated for the majority of the race.

In the wet, it will be all about tyre management and tyre grip, with teams being able to choose between tyres with different tread patterns, with some manufacturers having their own ‘purity’ tyre compounds.

The top five teams in each category will be crowned world champions and be able to enter the WEC in 2019. 

The teams have the chance to fight for the title by finishing the race in a way which suits their own cars, with a combination of strategy and speed being key factors.

The wet tyres are crucial for teams to win the race and, with this being the season of the wet tyres, the teams will be able use the tyres with the best grip, the most traction and the most grip coefficient for the race to have a significant impact on the outcome.

The best drivers in the world have always dominated the race at the moment and will have the opportunity to go up against the best teams on the grid, which means that there will be a number of drivers fighting for the championship at the front.

This means that, as well as tyre management, the drivers will be relying on their own ability to win.

The strategy and pace will also be key for the teams, with each driver needing to be able, with little to no help from the other drivers, to win races in the wet.

On the grid: The top five drivers in each of the categories in each race will be allowed to enter a race each.

The teams will have a minimum of five drivers from each category, with three drivers per team in the standings, so that there is no overlap. 

 The race starts on Sunday morning, with two sessions for the drivers and two sessions per team, with practice running every two days.

Race starts: With practice starting at 12:30am BST, the grid will be laid out in a grid with a maximum of three cars in each group.

This is to allow for the cars to get their legs under them and to maximise the effect of the rain. 

In the race, each driver will have two sessions to win their race and a maximum time of two laps.

There will be an extra lap for a penalty, as teams are allowed to race without a tyre degradation penalty.

There will be no grid penalty, with no points awarded, for not finishing the event, although there will only be one driver awarded for a race that is not completed. 

Where can I watch the race?

The race will stream live on the FIA website and on BBC Sport on Sunday at 10:30pm BST, with commentary by BT Sport’s Martin Brundle and BT Sport pundit Mark Gillan. 

BBC Sport’s race director Ben Edwards will be live on-site at the start of the day. 

How to follow the race: If you live in the UK, you can follow the WAC by following the official World Endurance website, but you can also watch the action live on BBC iPlayer, on the BBC Sport app, and on the official Formula E Facebook page.

Follow all the action on the Official Formula E YouTube channel, where you can get a complete guide to everything going on in the race for each race.

In the UK and Ireland, BBC iView will be carrying the race live, with updates from race day as the race progresses.

BBC iWatch is available for iPhone and Android users.

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