When your next-door neighbor buys a bmws motorcycle

The next time someone tells you they want a bmx motorcycle, be sure to check it out and ask yourself what you want out of it.

You don’t want a new-generation BMW or a BMW-powered Yamaha.

You want a motorcycle that can ride up hills and rip through the city streets at high speeds.

And you don’t even have to be a motorcycle buff to know that you should pick one up.

“I know a lot of people who buy a Harley or a Ducati because they have the money, but if they don’t like it, they’ll just go to a Honda,” said Dan Smith, who owns Smith Motorsports.

He and his partner Steve Smith, a former BMW and Ducati racer, own Smith Motorsport in a suburban Indianapolis suburb and own an all-Mazda-powered Suzuki GSX-R600.

That’s because Smith and his partners have built a motorcycle they think is the most efficient and most fun to ride.

But the Yamaha-powered, BMW-equipped Harley-Davidson has some tricks up its sleeve.

First, it’s an all wheel drive motorcycle, which means it can handle a full three-quarters of a mile at 60 mph.

Second, it comes with ABS and ABS-equipped shocks.

And third, its fuel economy is good.

“We are trying to maximize the engine’s performance,” Smith said.

“But we’re also trying to optimize the bike’s comfort and safety.”

The Suzuki is equipped with the best-selling seat in the sport, and the Harley is equipped to handle any kind of terrain and the rider’s weight distribution.

“The Suzuki is very easy to ride, because of the suspension,” Smith added.

“And the Yamaha is also very easy for the rider to handle.”

Smith said the Suzuki is a bit of a gamble.

“When you think about a bike that’s not as fun to drive, the Suzuki will be more fun,” he said.

That makes sense, because the Suzuki’s price tag is $16,000 and the Yamaha’s $14,000.

But Smith and Smith Motorspires owners can choose any of the three models they want.

Smith’s Harley-like experience with the Suzuki was about $2,000 less than the Ducati, which Smith said is “a little bit of an afterthought.”

Smith’s experience with his Suzuki, however, was much more fun.

“This is the one that’s been my favorite for a long time,” he added.

But if you want to make the best of a deal, Smith’s Yamaha can be yours for $10,000 or less.

And the Suzuki Suzuki GS-R550, with the ABS-enabled shocks, has been the most popular bike in Smith’s shop since it debuted in the spring of 2013.

Smith said he’s also had the pleasure of riding with Ducati riders.

“Ducati’s the first bike I’ve ridden with that’s really fun,” Smith explained.

“Their riders are super-competitive, and they have great bike handling.

So I have a really good relationship with Ducats.”

Smith is not alone in this.

Harley- Davidson’s owners say that a Duca has always been the first choice for them.

But there’s a reason the Ducatis are a huge part of Smith’s riding experience.

“For me, the Duca is the bike that really makes me feel like I’m racing,” he explained.

Smith has owned two Ducats and two Yamaha motorcycles, and said he was one of the first riders to own a Ducat in 2008.

“It’s not like I was racing,” Smith told NBC News.

“There’s no sport bike that I’m looking to beat.”

Smith and company are just as excited about the Ducats as the Yamaha, and Smith believes they’ll have the same appeal.

“If we can get Ducatis into the sport market, they’re going to be as popular as they are now,” he told NBC.

“People are going to want a Ducatic motorcycle.”

But how will they compete with other motorcycles?

Smith’s Suzuki GS X-T1 is the only one of its kind.

It’s equipped with ABS, a wide-array suspension, and is the fastest motorcycle in its class.

“One of the things I love about the Suzuki GS is that the suspension is so aggressive,” Smith noted.

“They’re really quick, they can go up to 200 miles per hour.”

But for Smith, that’s just part of the appeal of the Suzuki.

“You can drive up hills in the Ducat and you’ll feel like you’re riding on a Harley,” Smith continued.

“That’s one of my favorite things about the bike.

It can be super fun to go up the hills, and then if you need a little extra boost, you can go get that.”

Smith says he plans to add more Ducats to his fleet and also plan to make them as competitive as the Ducas.

“So when we get those

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