Which of the two parties would have to be the largest in order to secure a majority in the House?

It seems a fair question, and the answer might surprise you.

According to a new Bloomberg poll, which was conducted after the election, the two biggest parties have a combined total of 1,094 House seats.

The next largest party is the Libertarian Party with a mere 734 seats.

The two parties are on par in total seats in the Senate, where they have 2,878 each, but are in a tie in the Electoral College.

That’s because they have combined total seats of only 469.

The Green Party, which is not yet in the race, has 3,922.

Both the Democratic Party and Republican Party have combined seats of just 2,936 each.

The other big story of the day is the Trump administration’s plan to roll back environmental regulations.

That has not been a topic of much discussion in the campaign, but it will come into focus on Monday when a group of Republican lawmakers introduce a bill to repeal a rule that bans coal mining companies from polluting streams in states where they are allowed.

The Trump administration has said the rule would help protect the environment, and there is a strong likelihood it will pass, but the plan has faced strong resistance from Republicans, who say it will undermine environmental protections and cost jobs.

The bill was introduced last month by Reps.

David Brat (R-Va.) and Scott Garrett (R–N.J.), who are both on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

The coal industry has argued that the rule will be a boon for the industry, which relies heavily on water and sediment to grow their coal mines.

The EPA is expected to announce next month whether it will continue to enforce the rule, and some environmental groups have called for it to be repealed.

“The Trump Administration’s recent actions to rollback clean air and water protections will put the coal industry and its coal mines at an economic disadvantage,” the White House said in a statement after the rule was announced.

“Coal companies have no business interfering with the Clean Air Act or the Clean Water Act.”

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