Brazilian steel companies have not adjusted supply to market conditions

The data of the Brazilian Iron and Steel Association has shown that since the 2020, domestic steel demand has been more than supply, which is consistent with the complaints of the buyer’s difficulties in the second half of last year. In March this year, Brazil domestic steel apparent consumption exceeded 356,000 tons, which was the biggest difference since the Brazilian Iron and Steel Association began to release monthly data in 2013. Steel production was 2090,000 tons in March, while apparent consumption was 2.44 million tons. The association’s data shows that from June 20020, since March this year, in addition to the steel production in October 2020, the output of 53,000 tons and 58,000 tons respectively, Brazilian steel consumption is all over the month. More than yield. According to the variety, the flat supply is close to normal, but the long product still exists in the delivery delay and some of the shortage of outcomes. In this case, the price of Brazil continues to rise in 2021 in the case of this supply and demand. Brazil’s threaded steel has risen by approximately 23% this year, over the past 12 months over 100%. Brazilian customs data shows that more than 70,000 tons of rebar arrived in Brazil, which is much higher than in recent years. (World Metal Info)