Brazil’s seamless non-alloy carbon steel pipe started the first anti-dumping sunset recovery investigation

On July 20, 2021, the US International Trade Commission voted for imported standard steel welding steel wire nets from Mexico damaged the definiteity, and ruling that the products involved in the US domestic industry constitute substantial damage.In this ruling, the five members of the International Trade Commission were affirmative.According to the Affirmative Decision of the US International Trade Commission, the US Department of Commerce will promulgate the anti-dumping yield of Mexico.On July 21, 2020, the US Department of Commerce launched an anti-dumping and counter-subsidy investigation on imported from Mexico.On June 17, 2021, the US Department of Commerce made anti-dumping affirmative for Mexico’s related products.The case involves the US coordinating.

The European Commission officially announced the carbon border tariff (CBAM) policy legislation proposal. The national monarch environmental team analysis, in order to deal with the European trade hindrance to CBAM, the probability of China’s carbon trading market will be marked with Europe, and the price of China’s carbon transaction will exceed the future. First, the EU provides a carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) to limit carbon leaks, and gradually tightened the total amount of carbon emissions in the world. In December 2019, the European Commission announced the \”European Green Agreement\” to address climate change and promoting sustainable development, and the joint commitment will make higher emission reduction targets: 2030 greenhouse gas emissions by 50% -55% in 1990 In 2050, it realizes carbon. The carbon border adjustment mechanism is the core of the European \”European Green Agreement\” to avoid the integrity and effectiveness of its own climate policy due to carbon leakage. The EU believes that other countries that are inconsistent with EU carbon emissions will result in risks of carbon leaks, that is, the trade globalization, a regional stringent climate policy leads to high carbon products and related carbon emissions to another. Lessing carbon border tax will guarantee the integrity and effectiveness of the EU climate policy, limiting carbon leaks, while also protecting the competitiveness of EU companies. Second, CBAM will take effect in 2026, and intend to taxing products such as building materials, steel and other carbon emissions, bringing China – eu trade \”carbon disorder\”. On July 14, 2021, the European Commission officially announced the carbon border tariff policy legislation and officially launched the legislation process. 2023 to 2025, the CBAM will cooperate with the EU emission transaction system to take effect in 2026. Embodiments of the carbon border adjustment mechanism are the importers of the EU member states to the importers of high emission items on high emission items on demand. The CBAM coverage industry is cement, steel, aluminum, fertilizer, electric power, and the like. Third, CBAM will drive China’s carbon trading market with European gods, and future national carbon transactions is expected to be expected. In order to avoid dual taxation, CBAM will consider the cost of carbon emissions that foreign producers have undertaken, stipulate that importers can deduct imported products in their producer of carbon prices in their producer. The weighted average carbon pricing in my country is about 40 yuan in the past two years, and there is still a big gap between about 50 euros per ton of the EU, so we expect domestic carbon quota prices to improve trends. Carbon border tax will operate under EUETS, EUETS set the upper limit of the total carbon emissions, and gradually tightened the upper limit. With the total amount of carbon emissions and the corresponding carbon emission permit tightened, carbon prices will be steadily improved. In the top design, my country’s carbon quota reduction scheme will also be in line with Europe. The transaction price will be guided to a higher level. In this context, domestic carbon transaction prices are still 40 yuan / ton level. Large rising space, carbon emissions indicators and long-term trading prices of CCER are expected to be expected. In summary, the Guandun Environmental Protection Team Tip: 1. The carbon border adjustment mechanism will drive the Chinese carbon trading market and the European counterparts, in the top design, my country’s carbon quota reduction progressWill be in line with Europe, the transaction price will be guided to a higher level, and domestic carbon transactions are expected to be expected.2, carbon neutralization, new energy operators, environmental protection plates Key to recommend waste incineration: Carbon transactions will improve the profitability of waste incineration companies and cash flow, long-term lifting garbage industrial ceiling.Recommended garbage burning faucet three peak environments, blue environment, green motivation, high energy, Wangneng environment, Weizhen environmental protection and Shanghai environment.3. Have regenerated resource products such as regenerated oil, recycled plastics, regenerated metals, such as regenerated oil, regeneration plastics, regenerative metals, such as excellent new energy, and Zhefu Holdings.However, it is necessary to pay attention to the emergence of risks such as carbonaceous and related policies below expectations.