Does it matter if the car fan keeps spinning?

The car has been turning the problem to the situation, the car water temperature normal fan does not stop most of them are because the thermostat is bad or not installed the function of this sensor. Is to detect the engine water temperature, the water temperature becomes high after the fan will turn. Failure, the fan has been working regardless of the high water temperature. The good thing is that the water temperature will not be high in summer, the bad thing is that there is no warm air in winter.

Does it matter if the car fan keeps spinning?

The use of maintenance methods.

1, under normal circumstances, the water temperature reaches a set temperature, the thermostat opens, the water tank water circulation, when the engine temperature reaches a certain temperature, through the sensor induction tank electronic fan will only turn.

2, in the case of low temperatures, the vehicle in the drive fan is rarely started. If you feel abnormal, you can step on the gas in situ within 2500 rpm to try, generally about 10 minutes under normal circumstances the fan will rotate. The basic decision in the case of the vehicle in the installation of the thermostat, the water temperature is not high or not open pot, there should be no problem. It is best to check at the service station, that detector to measure the water temperature.

3, in the use of antifreeze, in order to avoid corrosion of the radiator, please be sure to use the regular manufacturers and meet the national standards of long-lasting anti-rust antifreeze.

4, in the process of installing the radiator, please do not damage the radiator tape (piece) and touch the radiator to ensure the heat dissipation capacity and sealing.