EU Asian Economic Alliance issued the first anti-dumping sunset repeated disclosure of Ukraine seamless stainless steel pipe

On July 22, 2021, Malaysia International Trade and the Ministry of Industry issued an announcement that made the first for prepaint, paint or colour coated steel roll originating or imported from China and Vietnam. A anti-dumping sunset is affirmative and decided to continue to collect CIF% anti-dumping duties on the products involved in China and Vietnam. All producers and exporters in China are 52.10%, Vietnam producers and exporters are 0 ~ 34.85%. The measures take effect from July 20, 2021, ending on July 19, 2026, valid for 5 years. On April 28, 2015, Malaysia conducted an anti-dumping investigation of pre-coated / paint / color coated steel rolls originating in China and Vietnam. On January 22, 2016, Malaysia made an anti-dumping patriarch for pre-coated / paint / color coated steel roll originating in China and Vietnam, and ruled that the anti-dumping duties involved in the above countries, of which 52.10% of China, Vietnam The tax rate is 0 ~ 34.85%. On January 22, 202, Malaysia International Trade and Industry issued an announcement that applications submitted by Malaysia’s domestic manufacturer CSC Steel Sdn.bhd, which originated or imported from China and Vietnamese pre-coated / color paint The first anti-dumping sunset case survey was conducted.