EU Asian Economic Alliance launched anti-dumping case in Huaang Wedge gate valve

On June 23, 2021, the Internal Market Protection Division of the EU Asian Economic Commission issued a report No. 2021/273 / AD35, and the application submitted by the Russian company was 50 ~ 1000 mm, nominal pressure on imported from China.The anti-dumping investigation survey was initiated for steel wedge gate valves 16 to 250 kg / square centimeters.Eurasian Economic Alliance Tax No. 8481806310, 8481806320 and 8481806390.The dumping period of this case is 2020, and the survey period is 2016 to 2020.(Business parties)

On March 25, 202, the Indonesian Anti-Dumping Committee issued an announcement to make anti-dumping finals for cold-rolled stainless steel products produced in China and Malaysia, and the dumping of Chinese manufacturers / exporters was 39.3% ~ 109.6%, Malaysian producer / exporters have a dumping amplitude of 37.0%, and the dumping of the products involved in the Indonesian domestic industry constitutes substantial damage, and therefore it is recommended that the Indonesian Ministry of Finance is a five-year anti-dumping tax on the product involved. Table), measures take effect from the Ministry of Finance of the Indonesia to issue taxation announcements. Products involved include cold rolled stainless steel plates, steel rolls, strips, and other shapes of cold rolled stainless steel plate products, involving Indonesian Customs Codes 7219.32.00, 7219.33.00, 7219.34.90.00, 7220.20.10 Products under 7220.20.90, 7220.90.10 and 7220.90.90. The dumping period of this case is March 31, 2018. On April 1, 2019, the damage period is March 31, 2016 ~ April 1, 2017, March 31, 2017 ~ April 1, 2018 , March 31, 2018 ~ April 1, 2019. Number of origin Note Manufacturer / Exporters recommended to levy anti-dumping duties (%) 1 China Manufacturer Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. 39.3 Related Enterprise Foshan Tisco Stainless Steel Sales Co., LTD.39.3tisco Spot Sales Co., Ltd., Ltd., Ltd.39.3tisco Stainless Steel (HK) Limited39.3 Other 109.62 Malaysia Bahru Stainless SDN BHD37.0 Other 37.0 October 23, 2019, Indonesian anti-dumping committee The announcement shall be based on the application of PT Jindal Stainless Indonesia, Indonesia, decided to investigate the anti-dumping of cold-rolled stainless steel products imported from China and Malaysia.