Motor airfoil material Product advantages

Motor fan is generally at the end of the motor, used for motor ventilation and cooling, mainly in the AC motor tail, or placed in the DC, high voltage motor special ventilation duct. Explosion-proof motor airfoil generally choose plastic material. What material is used to make the motor airfoil, modified plastics for your introduction.

Motor fan blade material Product advantages
Motor fan is a kind of motor with fan hub and blade, along the outer circumference of the fan hub and evenly distributed slot, blade inserted in the slot, by welding, bonding and other permanent coupling methods to make the blade and fan hub become one. The plastic material of the motor fan blade is generally made of high impact PP, but also ABS, AS transparent material to do

Glass fiber reinforced PP material (can be customized according to customer needs)

Manufacturer of plastic pellets for motor fan blades, which can be customized according to customers’ needs. Motor airfoil material, product advantages: 1.

1, high strength, low stress, high temperature resistance, good dimensional stability.

2, low noise output products, quiet and non-disturbing.

3, light quality.

4, easy to process, molding.

5, good shock resistance, high fatigue resistance, long service life.

6, good corrosion resistance, good weather resistance.

7、The material meets ROHS environmental protection requirements.