Rio Tinto and Pohang Iron Sign Climate Memorandum

According to Power Tao on the news release of its official website, this Australian mineral company has signed a climate understanding with Po Tie Technology, one of South Korea’s largest steel producers, the world’s main steel enterprises.Memorandum, joint exploration, development, and demonstrate key technologies needed to transform to low-carbon steelmaking industrial links.The cooperation will be through the integrated iron ore processing technology and the advanced steel making process of Pohang iron iron, and the latest black industrial value chain explored and developed the latest carbon-carbon technology.In December last year, Rio Tinto has decided to invest $ 10 million in the next two years and the world’s largest steel company China Baowu Group cooperates in low-carbon ironmaking projects and research.

On July 13, Nangang and Rio Tinto were insigned in the use of technical cooperation memorandum of optimization of blocking mines. Huang Yixin, and President of the South Steel Party Committee, Huang Yixin. Song Yangsheng, strategy and project senior general forest planting ceremony attended the contract. Rio Tinto is an important iron ore supplier in Nangang. At the signing ceremony, Rio Tinto shared the carbon reduction carbon capture and other technologies, and the two sides launched in-depth communication. This signing of cooperation is that after the successful implementation of the first single dollar chain chain last year, it is also expanded in another depth of the technology, including iron ore, steel, digitalization, and technical cooperation. After the memorandum is signed, Rio Tinto will dispatch technical experts and the Nangang technical team to work with normalization, and cooperate in mineral designs, block mine treatment, yield management. \”Although the weather is hot, it also represents the strong friendship between the cooperation.\” Huang Yixin first expressed warm welcome to Chen Sheng, and briefly introduced Nangang’s use and future planning development of clean energy. South Steel has always been committed to promoting innovation development in the context of globalization, and the number of wisdoms will be expected to further strengthen cooperation exchanges, establish a better, broader collaborative relationship, and jointly build high-quality development ecotropic circles in steel industries. Chen Sheng thanked Nangang to Rio Tinto. He pointed out that Nanke has a significant regional advantage, and has brought huge development opportunities after mixing all the reforms, and has achieved remarkable development results. In response to global climate change, Rio Tinto is consistent with South Steel and other corporate goals, and is willing to carry out comprehensive exchanges and continuous in-depth cooperation with Nangang, in accordance with the principle of mutual benefit and seek development, jointly promote the global steel industry. Power forward.