Thailand made the third anti-dumping sunset for the third anti-dumping sunset

On June 9, 2021, Thailand Dumping and Subsidy Review Committee issued an announcement, for the native of Japan, South Africa, Russia, Kazakhstan, India, South Korea, Venezuela, Argentina, Ukraine, Algeria, Indonesia, Slovakia, Romania and Taiwan The rolled steel coil and non-coil (refer to English: flathotrolledsteelincoilsandNotincoils) make the third anti-dumping sunset review and finalization, continue to impose anti-dumping duties based on CIF (to the shore price) based on CIF (to the shore price), valid for 5 In the year, the specifically: Japan is 0 ~ 36.25%, South Africa is 128.11%, Russia 24.20% ~ 35.17%, Kazakhstan 68.1% ~ 109.25%, India 20.02% ~ 58.85%, South Korea 2.8.44%, Venezuela 78.44%, Argentina 37.94% ~ 53.09%, Ukraine 30.45% ~ 67.69%, Algeria 33.26%, Indonesia 24.95%, Slovakia 51.95%, Romania, 3.45% ~ 25.15% in China;, Determine the suspension of the anti-dumping duty tax on the above country, the validity period is 6 months, in addition to further regulations, the above-mentioned anti-dumping duty will be applied after six months. For electroplated zinc (EG) groups, electrical (household appliances / appliances: HA / EA) and cars are not applicable to this measure. This announcement has taken effect from the issue of the \”Government Publication Network\”.