What are the symptoms of a bad spark plug, the 6 major symptoms

What are the symptoms of a bad spark plug, spark plug is a core accessory that needs to be replaced regularly among the car parts, and because of the complex working environment of the spark plug, over time, it is also easy to break down, so when the car has what symptoms, it is time to replace the car spark plug?

What are the symptoms of a bad spark plug

Spark plug bad symptoms a: car fuel consumption increased

The role of the spark plug is to play the ignition, once the spark plug is bad, ignition efficiency is bound to have a great impact, which directly results in the car fuel consumption increase, and the magnitude of the increase in fuel consumption, the owner can obviously feel out, so that once your car fuel consumption than the usual increase, this time it is best to go to the car repair store, let the car master to help see if the spark plug is bad, is not the need to replace.

Spark plug bad symptoms two: car starting difficulties

The content above also said, the role of the car spark plug is to ignite, if the spark plug is bad, the car must have problems in the ignition start, and even you need to start many times to be able to start the car, if your car has this problem, in contrast to how long they have not replaced the spark plug, then it is likely to be the problem of the spark plug, and do not be fooled into other failures of the car.

Spark plugs bad symptoms three: the power becomes weak, acceleration becomes slower

Spark plugs ignition efficiency is high, the car power is strong, which is why many car owners in just replace the car spark plugs, will find their cars than the usual power to enhance the reason why, when your car becomes very meat, especially the acceleration is not strong, it proves that your spark plugs are bad, or the end of life needs to be replaced with a new one.

Spark plugs are bad symptoms four: car exhaust emissions are not qualified

Spark plugs play the role of ignition, spark plugs are bad, ignition must be greatly affected, which will also directly lead to gasoline in the cylinder combustion is not sufficient, one of the performance of gasoline combustion is not sufficient exhaust ranking, if you happen to need an annual inspection, then your car will certainly appear exhaust emissions failed.

Spark plug bad symptoms five: serious carbon accumulation

Car spark plug insulator skirt, electrode, shell is covered by a layer of dark compound, this layer of compound is the spark plug carbon, the increase of carbon will directly affect the air filter, ignition coil, spark plug, further make the car produce bad conditions.

Spark plug bad symptoms six: car engine shaking

Where are the spark plugs installed? Spark plug installed in your engine, so once the spark plug is bad, you will obviously feel the phenomenon of car engine shaking, the more bad the spark plug, the more powerful the engine shaking, and even the engine will be directly bad is also a possibility.

What are the symptoms of bad spark plugs, the above 6 symptoms, owners can compare themselves, if you meet these symptoms, then hurry to replace the spark plugs, so as not to cause other irreparable failure of the car!