When to replace the car spark plugs? When the car has 4 kinds of signs, it should be changed

There are many parts on the car, which should be replaced in time after a long period of use, otherwise many problems will occur during the use of the car. When the car is being maintained, the spark plug is a part that often needs to be replaced because it is easily damaged. Since the spark plugs need to be replaced frequently, when should we replace the spark plugs?

The first one, the car starting difficulties. The car wants to start normally, can not be separated from the spark plug. If the spark plug is faulty, then it will be very difficult to start the car. Because the spark plug can not provide enough energy to ignite, the engine can not start properly. In addition, if there is a significant stuttering feeling when the car starts, then the spark plug should also be checked, because it may be due to too much wear and tear on the spark plug.

The second kind is that the car often shakes during driving. If the car shakes during driving, if it is not a three-cylinder machine, then there is a problem with the car engine. In this case, it is basically the car engine carbon accumulation caused by serious. If there is a lot of carbon on the spark plug, it will lead to the car power is sometimes strong and sometimes weak, and finally feedback is the engine shaking.

The third kind, the car climbing powerless. This situation is actually the second sign of the late performance, because the spark plug too much carbon leads to inadequate fuel combustion, which will make the engine carbon more serious, and will reduce the engine’s power performance. This is equivalent to the engine to increase the huge pressure, so in climbing this need for more powerful power, the engine performance is weak.

The last kind, the car fuel consumption increased, exhaust smoke. When the spark plug is abnormal, the fuel consumption will be significantly higher, which is caused by inadequate fuel combustion. Since the gasoline does not burn sufficiently, the exhaust gas produced after the gasoline is burned is different, such as black smoke. If this happens, the spark plugs should be replaced as soon as possible, otherwise the three-way catalytic converter are to be affected.